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Nonprofit Windows in Walgreens @ 18th & Castro

Groups on this site have enjoyed reservations to entertain passersby with displays promoting themselves and their upcoming fundraising events
since 2009 in the Nonprofit Windows at Walgreens - 18th and Castro.  

To reserve your spot in these windows contact tj@ourtownsf.org

Thank you to Walgreens !
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Donna Sachet's 24th Annual Songs of the Season
Ryan White's mother Jeanne at the AIDS Memorial Grove Circle of Friends


 The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band (SFLGFB) is the first openly gay musical organization in the world, inspiring the formation of LGBT bands, choruses and performing groups around the globe. On a local level, SFLGFB is the Official Band of San Francisco, having been given that honor by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in honor of the Band’s 20th and 25th anniversaries.

Founded in 1978 by Jon Sims at the height of Anita Bryant’s anti-gay crusade, the Band has made music to build understanding among communities of all sexual orientations and identities for more than three decades. SFLGFB first appeared in public when it marched up Market Street behind Harvey Milk’s convertible in the 1978 San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade, an event recreated in the Oscar-winning film “Milk.”

The Band welcomes everyone in its ranks, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We love our allies!